(ARCSCM) primary focus is to aid, counsel, and protect those clients that struggle with not only development /intellectual disabilities but those who may suffer from some form of behavioral mental health issue. We also are focused on an administrative mission to provide essential functions and support services to the public and Government sector.


The ARCSCM team of professionals make the promise of commitment to the wellness of individuals and families by providing appropriate therapeutic interventions and treatment, as well as behavioral health stability education.

Efficient, Quality Services

ARCSCM is an Executive Level Managerial Agency that will meet all administrative needs for the public and Government sector.

What We Do

Clinical Services

Our Company provides Therapeutic Clinical and Crisis Interventions services throughout the community with the goal of helping to stabilize the growing concerns for behavioral/mental health throughout the country.

Developmentally Disabled

ARCSCM offers specific clinical and home health services for clients that live with a developmental /intellectual disability. Our goal is to guide the client to as much self-sufficiency and responsible independence as possible.

Compliance Consulting

Having held the position of Compliance Officer for the Federal Government ARCSCM offers consultations and Administrative Support to ensure EEO compliance as adherent to Federal regulations.

General Management

With more than 25 years of executing Executive Level, General Administrative Managerial services, ARCSCM leads in the provision of office managerial, staffing, recruitment and general clerical/administrative services.